Quality Policy

The fertiliser industry is governed by the Fertiliser Control Order, 1985 issued under Essential Commodities Act, 1955. We strictly adhere to the quality standards as prescribed by Fertiliser Control Order and our company is committed to maintain the quality of our products.

About RC Fertilizer

The agricultural scenario in India has undergone a rapid transition since independence leading to a complete transformation of farming methodologies. Attaining self sufficiency in food grain production is essential for the agricultural advancement of the country. R C Fertilizers Pvt Ltd was established in January 2006 with the objective of supplying quality fertilizers to ensure availability of essential plant nutrients for enhancing crop yields. Since then we have been diversifying our activities to keep pace with the ever growing demands of the fertilizer industry.

First Product

Single Super Phosphate is a highly demanded chemical fertiliser with phosphorus as its main constituent. It is a rich source of many micro nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Aluminium, Sulphur and Gypsum. The powder form of SSP is known as PSSP.

Second Product

Granulated Single Phosphate is extensively used in mechanized farming. The greatest benefit of using the granulated product is that it dissolves slowly in the water present in the soil so it is available to the crops for a longer time. Another advantage of using the granulated product is that it rolls down the plants and hence can be used on standing crops as well.

Mixed Fertilizer
Mixed Fertilisers

Mixed fertilisers are physical mixtures of straight fertilisers. They contain two or three primary plant nutrients. Mixed fertilisers are made by thoroughly mixing the ingredients either mechanically or manually. They are recommended by agricultural scientists to enhance the output of crops by giving it specific and exclusive blend of plant nutrients.